PIAS Recordings - 2004 - 50 minutes

Every minute, of every day, somewhere in the world, a party gets going to the punk-tech-discocore sounds of Soulwax. But sadly for the Belgian brothers behind the band, it's their 2 Many DJs mix series the punters are listening to, as opposed to their albums proper.

In a tragic sense Soulwax are trapped by their genius as selectors - their best songs are by The Breeders and Peaches, The Stooges and Destiny's Child. Their own compositions and production values share some of the same qualities as their DJ choices, big riffs, thunderous drums and direct, pounding grooves. Sadly, they lack compelling lyrics, catchy hooks and above all, the brand recognition of the classics that peppered the 2 Many DJs series.

It may be unfair to compare a band's work to their DJ output, but Soulwax attract this criticism by capitalising on the success of 2 Many DJs via Flood's ultra-loud pop-rock production on 'Any Minute Now'.

There is the odd moment of quality, 'NY Excuse' in particular is a diverting racket, but song titles like 'A Ballad To Forget' are really too close for comfort. Lacklustre stuff; back on those decks boys.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: E talking - Any Minute Now - Please…Don't Be Yourself - Compute - Krack - Slowdance - A Ballad To Forget - Accidents and Compliments - NY Excuse - Miserable Girl - YYY/NNN - The Truth Is So Boring - Dance 2 Slow