Memphis Industries - 2004 - 35 minutes

Three years ago The Avalanches came from nowhere to win everyone over with their song 'Since I Left You' and now it seems that the same thing is about to happen Brighton outfit The Go! Team. The big difference is that The Go! Team have an album's worth of 'Since I Left You's begging to be overplayed.

Imagine some indie guitar, old school breaks and cheerleader vocals all making sense together and it still only scratches the surface of the joy on this album - one that will make as much sense to an eight-year-old as a lover of Beck. The Go! Team could be destined to feature on 1,000 TV ads, but 100 times as many people should take them to their hearts.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Panther Dash - Ladyflash - Feelgood by Numbers - The Power is On - Get It Together - Junior Kickstart - Air Raid Gtr - Bottle Rocket - Friendship Update - Huddle Information - Everyone's a VIP to Someone