J Records - 2004 - 55 minutes

Angie Stone has the kind of versatile voice and style that makes her music infectious. You listen and you want to clap. You listen some more and you want to dance. That in itself has to be a good recommendation for 'Stone Love'.

If you're already a Stone fan, this offering should instantly appeal, but that's not to say that you won't be converted if you're not. It'll probably just take one more listen to get you there. Stone's intelligent use of support vocals and backing beats throughout the tracks pulls together a final package that is very impressive musically, that and her list of talented collaborators.

From 'Lovers' Ghetto' to her successful 'I Wanna Thank Ya', Stone puts across a confident performance that gives her an instant edge, her experience shining through each track. Alternating pace and ferocity for lazy beats, Stone easily combines her different styles, maximising the impact of the album as a whole.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Stone Love (Intro) - I Wanna Thank Ya (featuring Snoop Dogg) - My Man (featuring Floetry) - U-Haul - Stay For A While (featuring Anthony Hamilton) - Lovers' Ghetto - Little Bit Of This (Interlude) - You're Gonna Get It - Come Home - You Don't Love Me - Remy Red - That Kind Of Love - Touch It (Interlude) - Cinderella Ballin' - Karma - Wherever You Are (Outro) - I Wanna Thank Ya (w/o Snoop Dogg)