Independent - 2004 - 41 minutes

It seems that since the release of his debut, '33 1/3 Grand Street' in 2003, Mark Geary has never been out of sight, but somewhere along the way he found the time to write and record this album.

'Ghosts' is more complete than its predecessor and, at times, haunts just as much as its title would suggest. Geary now has the pleasure/burden of being just as good at writing happy songs as he is at wringing his heart out - the feelgood 'Fanfare' deserves to be big, while 'I Fell' builds up to a great overwrought finale.

What he needs to avoid, however, is straying too close to the territory The Frames have made their own, the songs 'Mid-nite Sun' and 'Whispers' are the most obvious examples and Glen Hansard also appears on the album.

A lure for many, undoubtedly, but at his best Geary doesn't need comparisons - or guests.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Beautiful - Ghosts - You're the Only Girl - Morphine - Fanfare - Mid-nite Sun - Whisper (Set Your Guns to Stun) - A Prayer for St Rite - I Fell - Up & Up - Hold Tight