Geffen Records (Universal) - 2004 - 51 minutes

Mature and very assured in her approach to the music industry, Ashlee Simpson has capitalised on the ready-made fame that came from being Jessica's younger sister. It was a lucky break.

Vocally, Simpson produces a performance level beyond her years but there is something missing from her album as a package. Parts of it make you want to pull your hair out. More parts inspire nothing more than apathy. Tracks like 'Unreachable' and 'Harder Every Day' give a glimmer of hope that the album has something refreshing to offer but get swallowed up in the rest of the insipid material all too easily.

There's nothing very memorable about the heard-it-all-before tracks on 'Autobiography'. Avril Lavigne has already captured this girl punk genre, bottled and sold it. An instant success in her home country, Simpson may find it a lot harder to carve out a section of the market for herself this side of the water.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Autobiography - Pieces of Me - Shadow - Lala - Love Makes The World Go Around - Better Off - Love Me For Me - Surrender - Unreachable - Nothing New - Giving It All Away - Undiscovered - Harder Everyday - Sorry