14th Floor Records - 2004 - 32 minutes

You'd be forgiven for thinking, as you listen to the first few seconds of 'Scream' that you're listening to Liam Gallagher or Robbie Williams. The style and voice are reminiscent of both of these artists, but all similarities aside, there can be no doubting that Mark Joseph has potential.

The opening track, 'Get Through' is optimistic and up-beat and sets the tone for the rest of the album, which swings from youthful enthusiasm to a more world-weary maturity by turns. In this, the subject matter is closely related to the Britpop of Gallagher and Williams. Even the style - pop/rock - puts the listener in mind of Oasis.

Some of the songs, 'Moody Blues', 'Before I Waste My Time' and 'Seen Your Soul', for example, are vehicles for Joseph to vent his youthful energy and basically rock out. They're fairly good tracks but they're nothing spectacular. Joseph is a good songwriter though, and it stands out in tracks like 'Lady Lady', a rock ballad with shades of Lennon and McCartney, and 'Give Me' a song full of emotional yearning.

Mark Joseph won't have an easy road ahead, simply because of his similarities with such famous names, but there's no denying he has talent. If he's to emerge from the shadow of Robbie and Liam, it's going to take determination. In an industry over-powered by gimmicks and fads, it's hard to know if he will be able to stay the distance. One thing's for sure though; 'Scream' is a good start.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: Get Through - The River - Lady Lady - Any Evidence - Bringing Back Those Memories - Moody Blues - Give Me - Before I Waste My Time - Seen Your Soul - Fly