Big Cat - 2004 - 61 minutes

Dublin, grumpy funk, Peckinpah-esque grittiness, dirty mouths, too many drinks...welcome to the Republic of Loose. Like the hellraising friend who can make or wreck any party, the 'Loose arrive with a lot of advance hype, and just like the same pal, you get to see them at their best and worst.

When the sextet keep it upbeat - 'Tell More Lies' and 'Hold Up!' - they can turn an average night into a great one; when they try to be dark and moody, however, they come across like plodders who think they're way harder than they actually are.

At 61 minutes, '...Tomb of the Juice' is far too long, taking away from the fine chops and out-on their-own attitude of its creators - trim it down and even more will apply for citizenship.

If a lost weekend was ever a record it's this one. They might look back and wonder what they were thinking, but the best bits will make them smile.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Intro - Kiddin Man - Hold Up! - Girl I'm Gonna F*** You Up - Goofy Love - Something in the Water - Tell More Lies - Slow Down - Sweet Cola of Mercy - Six Sober Sounds - F*** Everybody - Ride with Us - Dial Jesus for Sweetness - Black Bread - Lawn Child