Further proof, if further proof was ever needed, that there was life after being The Next Big Thing came with Sparta's debut, 'Wiretap Scars'.

On that album three former members of At the Drive-In showed what could be was every bit as exciting as what might've been and in the process created one of the best of 2002.

Two years later and 'Porcelain' finds them building on the post-hardcore atmospherics of that first record and defining their sound even further.

Lyrically fuelled by death and loss, 'Porcelain' isn't as immediate as its predecessor, yet the feeling that you're hearing the development of a really special band grows every time you play it. Handle with care.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Guns of Memorial Park - Hiss the Villain - While Oceana Sleeps - La Cerca - Breaking the Broken - Lines in Sand - End Moraine - Death in the Family - Syncope - Tensioning - Travel By Bloodline - POME - From Now to Never - Splinters - Farewell Ruins