The Really Useful Group (Polydor) - 2004 - 49 minutes

Discovered by a monk and championed by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Shonagh Daly has come a long way since appearing on 'The Late Late Show' mimicking Michael Jackson. And when Rudolf Giuliani invited her to sing at the Ground Zero Memorial Concert, we should have been ashamed that we had not embraced her music more, but glad too that somebody had given us a wake up call.

Shonagh Daly can only be described as an incomparable talent. With strong jazz influences, this album distances itself from mainstream pop productions. Its soulful quality is inspiring. Mellow in some parts, distinctly lively in others, 'Beautiful View' is nothing if not unique.

From the opening track, the listener is immediately pulled into this album. What follows never dips or disappoints. The hit 'All I Want' and 'When the Cedars Fall' are perfect examples of Daly's ability.

Father Paul Nash must feel very proud that he noticed the young Shonagh and cast her in his school play all those years ago. Bigger things surely await.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Beautiful View - All I Want - Fever - Very Last Moment In Time - I Still Believe In You - When The Cedars Fell - The Man That Got Away - Forget Me Not - This Can't Be Love - Lost - Near Tears - A Touch Of Love (The Butterfly Sting) - Sometimes It's Better To Hurt - Even If It Breaks My Heart.