V2 - 2004 - 40 minutes

As foundation courses in mayhem go, The Datsuns' debut was no 'Appetite for Destruction', but it ranked higher than most. And whatever they lacked in terms of originality, no bar jukebox could argue about their way with a riff and chorus.

So the news that Led Zeppelin legend John Paul Jones would produce 'Outta Sight/Outta Mind' suggested that The Datsuns were going to push their sound along, exhaling nostalgia and inhaling adventure. It hasn't happened and you're left with an inferior version of their debut and a lot less to remember afterwards.

The bluesy streak that runs through these songs has already been done far better this year by The Von Bondies, while Young Heart Attack's recent 'Mouthful of Love' sounds much more alive. Without more light and shade, this album's title is a prophecy just waiting to be fulfilled.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Blacken My Thumb - That Sure Ain't Right - Girls Best Friend - Messin' Around - Cherry Lane - Get Up! (Don't Fight It) - Hong Kong Fury - What I've Lost - You Can't Find Me - Don't Come Knocking - Lucille - I Got No Words