Camcor - 2004 - 45 minutes

An artist who's had his not-so-fair share of slings and arrows now has the body armour in his best songs to protect against any of them.

With stronger material than his 2002 comeback '24 Star Hotel', 'Raining Down Arrows' finds Mundy switching tempo between nights out and in, either hung up or high on love. He remains, however, a far better troubadour than rocker, and it's during the low-key and lonely that this album really comes alive.

Had everything here possessed the strength of 'All the Love's Been Made', 'You're the One' and the floor-anyone beauty of 'Strange Hotel', then this would've been one of the records of the year - and made his Irish contemporaries think twice about releasing anything this side of Christmas. The future is of course bright, but Mundy should spend even more time in the shade.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: 10,000 Miles Away (From Harm) - By Her Side - Love and Confusion - Carpound - Raining Down Arrows - Something Good - Soulmate - Strange Hotel - The Sound of Keys - Too High - All the Love's Been Made - You're the One