Melted Snow - 2004 - 56 minutes

If some records were made with the intention of keeping you in bed, then Saso would be dead certs for this year's Eiderdown Music Prize.

With their second album, the duo of songwriter Jim Lawler and producer Ben Rawlins have mapped out an intriguing journey into the realm of downbeat, and joined the ranks of those who can conjure up grey mornings before the curtains are even

There are some soundscapes here that do nothing for either your mood or their talent, but a clutch of tracks - 'Lost at Sea', 'Why Wait?', 'Type A Jitters' - become familiar haunts very quickly. And if you like your music low-key, you should prepare for a very long lie-in.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Trapped in Ice - Lost at Sea - Why Wait? - System Error - Type A Jitters - Green Trees - Soft Focus - Artefact - Nothing Personal - I Can Do Nice -Turn Your Back - Pass It By - Blinds Down