Earsugar - 2004 - 52 minutes

With a name like Dirk Dresselhaus and a reputation for electronica, it would be easy to dismiss Schneider TM as a typical Teutonic technophile, with a transistor for a heart. But as any indie wuss knows, his limpid update of The Smiths' heartbreaking 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' was an exquisite pop moment.

'Reconfigures' is a collection of Dresselhaus's remixes of artists ranging from Lambchop to Pulseprogramming. Indie-electronica crossover is the dominant sound: the reworkings of alt-country combo Lambchop's 'The New Cobweb Summer' and veteran German punk rocker Philip Boa collide scratchy digital scribblings with guitars and dramatic vocals.

But Dresselhaus not only has a few different styles at his fingertips, he also knows what to change and what to leave well alone, and the reworkings of The Faint's 'Conductor' and Pulseprogramming's 'Suck or Run' show a happy stylistic synergy.

Unfortunately, some of the original material that benefits from his reconstruction is less than inspiring. Ruby, ex-Silverfish vocalist's Lesly Rankine's project, remains bland Moloko-lite despite this sprightly remix, while Lamb are still bogged down in the digital lounge sound of the late 1990s.

While the charm and lightness of Schneider TM's musical touch is more than evident here, this collection is just too inconsistent to be an essential purchase.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Pulseprogramming (Suck Or Run) - Lamb (Reality Check) - Margo (Take Me) - Rechenzentrum (Ephe Kick In) - Turtle Bay Country Club (Heaven TM) - The Faint (Conductor) - Philip Boa & The Voodoo Club (Eugene) - Ruby (Grace) - Lambchop (The New Cobweb Summer) - Alc Levora (Noitare Def Cinos) - Boss Hog (Switched On) - Turner (Multiorgel)