Bingo Records - 2004 - 52 minutes

Over the course of ten tracks, and as many changes in direction, this album manages to find its way to a sound all of its own. That it does so at all is an achievement, given the amount of musical ideas bouncing off each other here.

Directing proceedings, and wringing melody from the most unlikely noises is Stan O'Sullivan. Veteran of punk-tinged group The Shanks, here he applies the same attitude to a much broader canvas. Effects soaked and schizophrenic this music may be, but the songs themselves are deceptively simple.

The heavily accented vocals take some getting used to. Sledgehammer subtle and strangely compelling, his is not a voice for singing love songs. Yet when delivered with feedback and siren noises it all sounds suitably odd.

The willingness to experiment, and the apparent joy with which they use the wrong sounds in the right way make this music hard to dislike. By the time 'Revenge of the Vinegar Man' has left you scratching your head, the feeling that this was created by a group of gifted toddlers is hard to shake.

For an album filled with all manner of studio effects, the electronic sounds can on occasion sound like decoration for already existing rock songs, rather than vital components of the music. When it comes together right, however, the marriage of contrasting sounds is invigorating.

At worst sounding like it was marginally more fun to make than to listen to, at best sounding like nothing else at all, there is enough here to interest even the most jaded music fan.

Ray Donoghue

Tracklisting: Rolled Up In Gold - For Today - Moonlight - Mountain Climbing - Voices In The Music - Summer In The City - Revenge Of The Vinegar Man - Its All Over Now - Easy - Starry