Luaka Bop/V2 - 2004 - 62 minutes

Regularly lumped in as part of alt-country, Jim White is too far down his own path to belong in any genre - and if anyone else tried to follow him, they'd probably end up lost. If ever a Rough Guide was to be written to the wrong side of the tracks, White wouldn't need to do an interview for the job - his albums so dense and vivid in detail that you almost feel guilty listening to them on CD and not scratched-to-bits vinyl.

'Drill a Hole...' has just as many twists and turns as previous destinations 'No Such Place' and 'Wrong Eyed Jesus!' and while White's in no hurry, this journey is meant to be taken during the hours when you aren't either. At times it's sweet; other times it's scary but what's constant is the sense of wonder you get from being in the company of such a one-off. And when you get in this hole with him, you'll just want to keep digging.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Static on the Radio - Bluebird - Combing My Hair in a Brand New Style - That Girl from Brownsville Texas - Borrowed Wings - If Jesus Drove a Motor Home - Objects in Motion - Buzzards of Love - Alabama Chrome - Phone Booth in Heaven