XL - 2004 - 34 minutes

Debt servicing to AC/DC's trademark genius grows larger by the year, with Texans Young Heart Attack the latest to line-up and pay their dues. The queue stretches all the way back to countless US bands in the 80s that were also in thrall to chug-and-slug rock but, as Spinal Tap's Artie Fufkin would no doubt agree, timing is everything and, post-Darkness, YHA's is impeccable.

Even without the cover of MC5's 'Over and Over', it's all instantly familiar and, sure enough, a song about 'Mary Jane' will inevitably feature 'rain' somewhere in the lyrics. What it lacks in sense of adventure, though, it makes up for in spirit, with Chris Hodge and Jennifer Stephens' trade-off vocals destined to soundtrack many a weekend. Unlike AC/DC, however, they shouldn't try and make the same album again.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Mouthful of Love - Starlite - El Camino - Tommy Shots - (Take Me Back) Mary Jane - To the Teeth - Sick of Doing Time - Over and Over - In Luck - Misty Rowe