Hear This! Records - 2004 -52 minutes

Juliet Turner is, perhaps, an acquired taste. While catchy numbers like 'Everything Beautiful Is Burning' exemplify a depth and extraordinary talent that drag her into the mainstream, there are so many other tracks that simply perplex, pushing her back onto the fringes of the music scene.

Lyrically, Turner often wanders into a fantasy world that pushes the attraction of the unique to its limits. But just as effortlessly there is a contrasting element that redeems this. 'Everything Beautiful Is Burning' is a rare gem and, while the rest of the album doesn't quite measure up, tracks like 'Business As Usual' will drag you in. There can be little dispute that Turner's integration of natural accent and tones is remarkable.

And while her content refines her market, it also sets her very much apart from other artists - never a bad thing.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: The Greatest Show On Earth -One Night -Business As Usual -The Signal And The Noise -Season Of The Hurricane -Elvis Is In The Building -1987 -Vampire -Everything Beautiful Is Burning -See Another Side -No Good In This Goodbye -Sugartown