Columbia - 2004 - 39 minutes

"Get on your knees for saviours," sings Hundred Reasons frontman Colin Doran on opening track 'Savanna', but it would be a little premature to assume the position just yet.

Two years ago Hundred Reasons' debut, 'Ideas Above Our Station', charged out of speakers with its mix of post-hardcore, emo and straight ahead rock; now comes a follow-up that's too similar to be wholly convincing. The influence of New York bands Quicksand and Rival Schools weighs heavy on their sound - and with it comes the baggage that this is a band who need to take more risks.

Two albums in, it may seem a little strange to still be talking about potential, but as '80mph' and 'Still Be Here' show, Hundred Reasons' is immense. The challenge now is to leave a scene and sound behind.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Savanna - Stories with Unhappy Endings - What You Get - The Great Test - Harmony - Lullaby - My Sympathy - 80mph - Still Be Here - Pop - Truth with Elegance - Makeshift