Jetset - 2004 - 54 minutes

Eleven years have passed since the first Red House Painters album cried many to sleep and Mark Kozelek shows no signs of wearing himself down or his listeners out. Since 2000 he's released the 'lost' Painters album 'Old Ramon', scored the indie movie 'Last Ball', played a supporting role in Cameron Crowe's 'Almost Famous', performed open heart surgery on AC/DC classics for his solo record 'What's Next to the Moon' and now emerges with new band Sun Kil Moon.

Named after a Korean boxer, and with two song titles referencing fighters, Sun Kil Moon finds Kozelek recovering quicker from the emotional bodyblows and creating a beautiful, calming collection. He made wistfulness and a sense of loss his own a long time ago, but 'Ghosts...' is more serene than downbeat and features breathtaking guitar playing, culminating in the 14-minute 'Duk Koo Kim'.

Whether any record will ever bring Kozelek the wider audience he truly deserves, is one of those hazy hopes you suck in and breathe out every few years, but the Ghosts he's turned into songs here are among his best. And don't be frightened, they're friendly.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Glenn Tipton - Carry Me Ohio - Salvador Sanchez - Last Tide - Floating - Gentle Moon - Lily and Parrots - Duk Koo Kim - Si, Paloma - Pancho Villa