Fat Cat - 2004 - 46 minutes

Múm's 2001 album, 'Finally...We Are No-One', was a record many got wise to by word of mouth, and once they had, found that the sweetness was too good not to keep sharing. But now Múm's bright future has yielded a far darker follow-up.

Recorded in remote locations in the trio's native Iceland, 'Summer Make Good' is more concerned with sonic adventure than immediacy - if you take this trouble, it will take your time. With some arrangements recalling the 'everything must stay' approach of Tom Waits circa 'Bona Machine', the most enchanting moments arrive in the first half with 'Weeping Rock, Rock' and 'The Ghosts You Draw on My Back' becoming familiar haunts quicker than the drifting tracks that follow.

A challenge - and one that will make you seek comfort from 'Finally...We Are No One' afterwards.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Hu Hviss A Ship - Weeping Rock, Rock - Nightly Cares - The Ghosts You Draw on My Back - Stir - Sing Me Out the Window - The Island of Children's Children - Away - Oh, How the Boat Drifts - Small Deaths Are the Saddest - Will the Summer Make good for All of Our Sin? - Abandoned Ship Bells