Setanta - 2004 - 32 minutes

Following record deal let-downs and a slew of red letters from a London Council, the Morrissey-approved Mark Cullen returned to his family home in Dublin.

Sharing a childhood bedroom with a new wife in the Dublin suburbs may not seem conducive to writing, recording and producing a second album but this is exactly what Cullen has done. Using his troubles as a springboard, he writes about the conflicts arising from the situation his finds himself in.

'Family Business' is essentially a themed piece, each track relating to an aspect of disintegrating family life. Highlights include opener 'Dorset Street', the suburban claustrophobia of 'Miles of Homes' and the ironic, self-referential tones of 'Bed to Work'.

It's by turns dry and melancholy, full of lyrics relating to frustration, family feuds and disharmony. He uses his limited resources well, turning an old PC into a veritable electronic orchestra that runs the indie pop gamut from Phil Spector to Jarvis Cocker.

Elizabeth O'Neill

Tracklisting: Dorset Street - Knees - Miles of Homes - Forecourt Flowers - Spain is Sunny - Thinking of You - One of a Million - Run - Bed to Work - Deserve - Buried in the Suburbs - Shocks