Bright Star Recordings/PIAS Recordings -2004 - 46 minutes

A former Snow Patrol/Reindeer Section/Amazing Pilots collaborator graduates into a class of his own. Iain Archer released two folk-influenced albums in the mid-90s that few seem to remember but that's not a fate that will ever befall him with this one.

Here is a melancholy that you'll be willing to gorge yourself on, compact and catchy with the sweetest of guitar lines. He can rock, too, but 'Flood the Tanks' hits the highs when it plummets the depths.

Archer's fragile voice and the way he lets it trail off suggests a thousand more things just waiting to be said and a vocation repairing other people's heartbreaks. There's a universe of records waiting to speak to people; a much rarer find is the one you want to say things back to. And you'll find that bond here. After one listen.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Pressure Drop - Running In Dreams - Boy Boy Boy - Not Yourself - Does This Have A Name - Summer Jets - I Wasn't Drinkin' But You Got Me Drunk - A Few Conclusions - The Shadow - That One You Always Do