Bella Union - 2004 - 39 minutes

Laura Veirs released three albums before 'Carbon Glacier' and it's the safest of bets that sales of each will rocket once people experience what she has created here.

Based in Seattle, Veirs looks up and to nature for inspiration, the album's title coming from the Northern slopes of Washington's Mount Rainier and many songs referencing ice and the sea. Her voice just adds to the chills: it's intimate and spooky with the music surrounding it marking her out as one of the most interesting and imaginative singer-songwriters around.

Quirky but never hard work, 'Carbon Glacier' will have those who hear it already wishing for winter.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Ether Sings - Icebound Stream - Rapture - Lonely Angel Dust - The Cloud Room - Wind is Blowing Stars - Shadow Blues - Anne Bonny Rag - Snow Camping - Chimney Sweeping Man - Salvage a Smile - Blackened Anchor - Riptide