Southern - 2004 - 34 minutes

While Radiohead continue to be masters at unnerving people on record, even their prowess would face a test from the 90 Day Men.

With a name taken from a term used to describe prisoners awaiting psychiatric evaluation, and music that summons kindred spirits in Bowie, The For Carnation and a piano-driven Slint, their 'Panda Park' clocks in at just 34 minutes but nearly every song is an epic.

Days - and nights - alone could be spent trying to analyse the sinister, swirling beauty of opener 'Even Time Ghost Can't Stop Wagner' and the masterclass in instrumental rock that is finale 'Night Birds', and in-between them lie tracks where atmosphere and musicianship never fail to get the better of you.

Fearless, fearsome and a band that rewards - once you give them the time.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Even Time Ghost Can't Stop Wagner - When Your Luck Runs Out - Chronological Disorder - Too Late or Too Slow - Silver and Snow - Night Birds