Out On A Limb Records - 2004 - 39 minutes

Finding themselves in an adventurous mood, a three-piece from Cork decided to add to the solid indie-based sound they had cultivated on their debut album 'Losing Patience'.

Dispensing with verses, choruses and other unnecessary restrictions and letting atmosphere substitute for structure, they have created one of the best Irish records of the year. 'Catering for Headphones' is an album filled with music of quality. From the first eerie samples on 'Waller St' to the brilliantly titled 'Return my Rabbits', this record constantly manages to surprise.

The dreamy quality of the music is sustained well over the course of the ten tracks, with the weaker songs being unremarkable rather than annoying, and rarely inciting the urge to hit the skip button. 

Successfully making music that is both experimental and listenable is a tough needle to thread, and with such a young band allowances could be made if the results were less than perfect. That no such excuses are needed is a testament to the quality of an album that can comfortably stand toe-to-toe with anything released by the bands that so clearly inspired it. Mogwai beware.

With a rhythm section that is every bit as inventive as the band it supports, and a knack for surreal and catchy melodies, Waiting Room stand every chance of doing as well as they deserve to.

Ray Donoghue

Tracklisting: Waller St - I Took Some Painkillers - Another Take - Message Received - Amsterdam - Return My Rabbits - Point Your Eyes Down - Angel - Today Left Me With - Carousel