Full Cycle - 2004 - 59 minutes

Tali is an MC/singer from New Zealand whose love of jungle (or drum'n'bass, which is it? Has this question ever been properly answered?) brought her to the UK. In an appealingly heart-warming end to the story, she not only met her hero, producer Roni Size, but ended up releasing an album on his label, Full Cycle. Sadly, the good news ends there.

Jungle's original vitality fizzled out in a soup of over-produced pseudo-sophistication, and 'Lyric On My Lip' sounds too much like a relic from the fag-end of the Goldie/Reprazent era despite the talent involved.

Tali might be a fine singer (though her raps show little sign of any Kiwi origins) and producers Size and DJ Krust have authored plenty of classics in the past. To be fair, they occasionally hit the spot, with the broken beats and bleeps of 'Don't Let Me Wake Up' reaching a reasonable standard.

But 'Lyric On My Lip' shortcomings are plentiful. Characterless vocals, undemanding beats and lyrics and a complete lack of the joyful aggression that made jungle a vital sound. This is a limp excursion into the genre, and there are good jungle records being made today, from Soundmurder's amazing retro mix LP 'Wired For Sound' to the avant-garde mashed-up mania of DJ Rupture and Kid 606.

Yesterday's cutting edge is today's bargain bin, and few records demonstrate this as cruelly as 'Lyric On My Lip'.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Blazin' - Gonna Catch Ya - Airport Lounge - Don't Let Me Wake Up - Take A Look - Satiric Styles - Pressure Release - Lyric On My Lip - Grey Days - Soul Star - Don't Blame Me - High Hopes (All Over Now)