Systematic Limited (EMI) - 2003 - 49 minutes

By her own admission, Sia has evolved a lot from the R&B beginnings of her first album. After leaping to instant fame there followed a period of musical nothingness and the torture of songwriting is very much reflected on this album. Gritty and hard-hitting, it delves into real human emotion, from suffering to elation.

'Colour the Small One' reveals a burdened soul. It is tense and at the same time comforting in its sincerity. All of the Australian singer's material is original, in the most imaginative way. 'The Church of What's Happening Now' is a contemporary take on the uphill struggles of life, dilemmas and solutions intertwined in a compelling mix.

'Colour the Small One' is musically driven and lyrically honest. Although the themes may be depressing, the rhythm is uplifting. Sia's pure voice sets an inspirational tone for even the most depressing of tracks and with songs like 'Sunday' she seems ready compete in a mainstream market.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Rewrite - Sunday - Breathe Me - The Bully - Sweet Potato - Don't Bring Me Down - Natale's Song - Butterflies - Moon - The Church Of What's Happening Now - Numb - Where I Belong.