Geffen - 2003 - 54 minutes

In 1985 hardcore trailblazers The Descendents released a record called 'I Don't Want to Grow Up'; 15 years later Blink-182 face the exact opposite dilemma. Their desire for change has been around a while: first there was the side project Boxcar Racer, then drummer Travis Barker's loops and pals adventure with the Transplants and now an album that's tougher in every sense.

But when you have one of the most recognisable sounds in pop-punk and hits like 'Rockshow', 'First Date' and 'All the Small Things', it's hard to convince people you're deeper-thinking family men and that the themes have got bigger, even if the choruses haven't. To aid the forward thinking Cure frontman Robert Smith gets roped in on 'All of This', actress Joanne Whalley reads a song intro and there's plenty of studio trickery.

It's never as adventurous as the trio think and maybe if reportedly planned collaborations with DJ Shadow and Dan the Automator were here you'd admire the record more than Blink-182's desire to try and grow with their audience.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Feeling This - Obvious - I Miss You - Violence - Stockholm Syndrome - Down - The Fallen Interlude - Go - Asthenia - Always - Easy Target - All of This - Here's Your Letter - I'm Lost Without You - Not New - Anthem Part Two (Live in Chicago)