EMI Records - 2003 - 46 minutes

"Boys and Girls, a different kind of sound" announces the catchy 'Sweet Music' and that it is. Giving Madonna a run for her money on the reinvention leader-board, Kylie again turns out something that just isn't what you expected.

There'll be mixed feelings about this one. On the downside, few tracks are instantly memorable, with the exception of the hit single 'Slow'. But, on the other hand, the combined efforts of 'Body Language' produce a certain, almost electric, vibe. 'Body Language' seems to contradict itself as it moves from zany to comfortable. It's easy to listen to as catchy background music - but that in itself is not a major flaw.

'Body Language's quirky quality is appealing and somewhat magnetic, though it does not measure up to its predecessors. 'I Feel For You' is a perfect example of 'old-school' Kylie, but it is lost amongst the synthesised beats of much of the other content. 'Sweet Music' and 'Red Blooded Woman' are the most impressive offerings after the dance-floor hit 'Slow'.

Despite initial misgivings, 'Body Language' is definitely a grower. Tracks like 'Promises' and 'Sweet Music' seem the strongest of Kylie's future contenders for chart success. Although only mildly impressive first time out, it's hard not to get wrapped up in 'Body Language'.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Slow - Still Standing - Secret/Take You Home - Promises - Sweet Music - Red Blooded Woman - Chocolate - Obsession - I Feel For You - Someday - Loving Days - After Dark