BMG - 2003 - minutes

No matter what kind of song Will Young sings, he gives it an air of swing. His intonation depicts another era, far removed from style of the majority of his chart rivals, yet still remarkably successful.

How we still classify him as a Pop Idol is something of a mystery. Young emerged as the winner of the 2002 TV show despite pointedly steering away from a pop formula. He chose very different songs to the other contestants, confident in his ability to sell his individualism rather than compete. And it worked.

On 'Friday's Child' we see more of the same. It's no typical pop album although it loosely falls into that realm. Perhaps it is the passion that Young injects into his music that sets him apart as he soulfully adds a groove to the mellow tracks that he chooses.

There is little to fault with this album. There is exquisite attention to production and Young's voice naturally compliments the choice of music. Smooth, assured and passionate, he hushes with lullaby tones, and then wakes you with stirring lyrics before the whole package becomes all too comfortable.

'Leave Right Now' is the song you will remember 'Friday's Child' for. But just to cite that would not do this album justice. This extraordinary collection of liberating ballads is well chosen to suit Young's voice, with six of the eleven self-penned.

'Love Is A Matter Of Distance' and the title track 'Friday's Child' are the best of the rest, but there are no space-fillers on this album. It may have been a while in the making, but Will Young has done himself proud with 'Friday's Child'.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Love The One You're With - Your Game - Stronger - Leave Right Now - Love Is A Matter Of Distance - Dance The Night Away - Very Kind - Free - Going My Way - Out Of My Mind - Friday's Child