Epic - 2003 - 111 minutes

As Christmas wheezes from Greatest Hits rehashes, it's a treat to find one outfit still stubbornly playing it their way. This is Pearl Jam's 'Rest of', drawing together fan club-only singles, B-Sides and outtakes but proving to be every bit as compelling as anything from their last 12 years.

The first disc champions the amps with the low-key second turning up the intensity and together they chart an evolutionfrom the pin-up days of 'Ten' to the older-wiser sounds of last year's 'Riot Act'.

Those who reckon that Eddie Vedder's best was to be found on the 'Dead Man Walking' soundtrack will here find further ammo for their argument with 'Dead Man', a song that never made the film or its CD, but which ranks as one of Pearl Jam's best.

There are plenty of other nuggets too - so many, in fact, that you won't grumble too much that their cover of The Dead Boys' 'Sonic Reducer' didn't make the cut.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting CD1: All Night - Sad - Down - Hitchhiker - Don't Gimme No Lip - Alone - In the Moonlight - Education - Black, Red Yellow - You - Leavin Here - Gremmie Out of Control - Whale Song - Undone - Hold On - Yellow Ledbetter

Tracklisting CD2: Fatal - Other Side - Hard to Imagine - Footsteps - Wash - Dead Man - Strangest Tribe - Drifting - Let Me Sleep - Last Kiss - Dirty Frank - Brother - Bee Girl