Grand Central - 2003 - 49 minutes

Like many before her, Kate Rogers is another great vocalist, emerging from other people's records to get her own place on the shelves.

A key collaborator with Manchester label Grand Central's finest, Rogers' debut is due next year and anyone who hears this collection should be counting down the days. It pulls together her work with AIM and Rae & Christian and subsequent remixes, songs with Jon Kennedy and Tony D and a solo track - Rogers making it sound all so sweet and easy as she glides between styles and tempos.

The highlight is Rae & Christian's mix of AIM's 'Sail', the duo bringing out a poignancy in her voice that the original just couldn't muster. The irony is that 'Vs' will probably rocket the demand for Rogers as a studio guest - but as this album proves from the first listen, much bigger things lie ahead.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Fine: Kate Rogers - Sail (Radio Edit): AIM - Not Just Anybody: Rae & Christian - The Girl Who Fell Through the Ice: AIM - The Rhyme: Tony D - Sail (Rae & Christian Mix): AIM - Not Just Anybody (Atjazz Mix): Rae & Christian - Secrets of the World: Jon Kennedy - The Girl Who Fell Through the Ice: (Jon Kennedy Mix): AIM