Infectious - 2003 - 49 minutes

Magazine wisdom in England says Funeral for a Friend are the band emo fans have been crying for. If only. The Welsh quintet know enough to make sure their first album is built on the classic sing-chug-scream axis but haven't the smarts right now to stop off at many memorable points in between.

Listen to the greats like Jimmy Eat World's 'Clarity' or The Promise Ring's 'Wood/Water' and you have records whose appeal lies just as much in their ability to challenge an established audience as superb songs.

This however, like much recent emo, is a debut that beseeches to the converted and offers nothing that Hundred Reasons didn't do better and countless US acts brilliantly. There is potential here - they won't do right by anyone sticking so close to the blueprint.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Rookie of the Year - Bullet Theory - Juneau - Bend Your Arms to Look Like Wings - Escape Artists - Storytelling - Moments Forever Faded - She Drove Me to Daytime Television - Red is the New Black - Your Revolution is a Joke - Waking Up Inside My Own Paralysis - Novella