Mo'Wax - 2003 - 44 minutes

It's a rarity and a revelation to get as pitch-perfect a debut as this offering from Watford-based duo Parsley Sound. Danny Sargassa and Preston Mead, the talents behind the music, had previously released a handful of EPs (under the moniker Slum) before recording this melodic lo-fi debut for James Lavelle's Mo'Wax label.

Taking their cue from sunny Sixties bands such as The Byrds and The Beach Boys, Parsley Sound run their folk-songs through the computer, weaving in touches of distortion, scratchy analogue production, beats and loops that subtly ease the psychedelia into the 21st century.

Parsley Sounds offers the listener an album of subtle and paired down electronic sensibilities, with no reliance on frenzied beats, post-modern samples or maniacal breaks. And this is where it is truly an innovation - sounding deceptively modest while conversely pushing the sonic envelope.

From the sonorous strum of the aptly titled opener, 'Ease Yourself and Glide', to the more esoteric twist of 'Platonic Rate', each song unfolds with an unashamed sensual lethargy. An absolute must.

Elizabeth O'Neill

Tracklisting: Ease Yourself and Glide - Twilight Mushrooms - Springs Near - YoYo - Ocean House - Find the Heat - Stevie - Platonic Rate - Candlemice - Templechurchmansions - Neon Breeze