Arista/BMG - 2003 - 54 minutes

All of Rancid and Blink 182's drummer, slushy and sexy lyrics, cussin' and daytime radio sentiments, a Philly Soul-style ballad and another that recalls Patrick Swayze's 'She's Like The Wind'. Quite where you fit Pink in is one of those mysteries that deepens by the album.

There are 15 songs here and most are memorable, so that rules her out of the diva's enclosure. Yet - despite the presence of Rancid frontman Tim Armstrong on guitar, co-writing and production duties - 'Try This' isn't gritty enough to pull too many punks its way, either. What you're left with is a tough pop collection that puts itself about a bit while appealing to younger sisters everywhere and says that better is to come.

Once again hit writer for hire Linda Perry is at hand but it's Armstrong & Co's contributions that dominate the album - not even the chart gloss applied to 'Trouble', 'Tonight's the Night' and 'Humble Neighbourhoods' can hide their energy.

Street cred vs big time success isn't much of a contest - at her best here Pink seems to have grasped she doesn't need any more of one and too much isn't enough of the other.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Trouble - God Is a DJ - Last to Know - Tonight's the Night - Oh My God (Featuring Peaches) - Catch Me While I'm Sleeping - Waiting for Love - Save My Life - Try Too Hard - Humble Neighbourhoods - Walk Away - Unwind - Feel Good Time - Love Song