Memphis Industries - 2003 - 54 minutes

Pete Gofton, once the drummer in 90s also-rans Kenickie, now as J Xaverre the man to turn to when guests have either arrived or left. And that surprising career change is the first of many because sit for a while under 'These Acid Stars', and you'll discover some of its songs can glow in the dark.

Xaverre isn't the type to wear out an idea and here he finds kindred spirits in Badly Drawn Boy, pouty French pop and 70s rock. There are sad songs too, but this is one of those feelgood albums that makes you feel even better if you let others in on its charms. Plenty of poise and a double helping of promise.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Saturday - Great All Great - Stuck Between Daydreaming and Somewhere Else - Sports Day, 1983 - Fires - Nilsong - Wild Weekend - Horse Operas - Ex Wonderboy - Bing Wings - The Ballad of J Xaverre - I Promised Myself