A&M Records - 2003 - 74 minutes

The tired 'country gal' image of Sheryl Crow's initial years in the public arena has been shed in favour of something more up to date and the results, showcased on this album, are impressive.

If you're already a fan of Sheryl Crow you'll want this compilation in your collection. As best of albums go, this does exactly what it says, offering the pick of Sheryl Crow's career to date. These are the tracks you've sung along to on the radio, the newer collaborations and just the right mix of country and pop.

To her credit, Crow's career has been an evolution in musical style, from American country ballads to more mainstream pop hits. As well as renewed evidence of her song-writing ability, this album also proves that Crowe can take already popular songs and effortlessly make them her own. Her latest single 'The First Cut Is The Deepest', featured on the album, makes the Cat Steven's classic sound like it was written with her voice alone in mind.

Crow dispels the tag of just another American county singer, showing a diversity that is quite unique in that spectrum of the musical industry. Before her more recent offerings you might have heard a strongly accented American country ballad being hammered out on the radio and dubiously wondered: Sheryl? Shania? ..or perhaps someone else altogether? But the tracks on this album collectively emphasise a development in style that sets Crow apart from her peers, and defines an individual approach.

Placed alongside earlier material the latest of Crow's releases, including the Kid Rock duet 'Picture', aptly illustrate just how far this artist has come in terms of broadening her appeal and eventually sneaking out of her pigeonholed category in the world of American country music.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: All I Wanna Do - Soak Up The Sun - My Favourite Mistake - The First Cut Is The Deepest - Everyday Is A Winding Road - Leaving Las Vegas - Strong Enough - Light In Your Eyes - If It Makes You Happy - Run, Baby, Run - Picture (Kid Rock featuring Sheryl Crow) - C'mon, C'mon (Featuring The Corrs) - A Change Would Do You Good - Home - There Goes The Neighbourhood - I Shall Believe - Let's Get Free