Sire - 2003 - 43 minutes

Some albums, you feel, should be released with notice to quit papers so that when lesser bands hear them, they'll know the jig - or perhaps gig - is up. And so it is with The Distillers' third - a punk record that's smart, shortand makes you want more.

There have been many comparisons of leader Brody Dalle to Courtney Love (lyrics, voice and she plays on Love's solo opus), but that does the 24-year-old something of a disservice because 'Coral Fang's hangs together better than anything Hole came up with - and that includes 'Live Through This'.

What it lacks however, is more shade: as Dalle charges through riffs and rants with the best of them, the feeling grows that there's a far deeper talent hiding behind the black mascara. Don't expect the acoustic collection anytime soon but know that this is more than just the major label launch pad for an audience's after school tantrums.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Drain the Blood - Dismantle Me - Die on a Rope - The Gallon is God - Coral Fang - The Hunger - Hall of Mirrors - Beat Your Heart Out - Love is Paranoid - For Tonight You're Only Here to Know - Death Sex