Warp Records - 2003 - 38 minutes

Twisted, deranged, unexpected, avant-garde and sometimes just fresh - Scott Herren is such a dominant figure in left-field beats that he has been called "the underground Timbaland".

The stuttering sound of Prefuse 73 can be challenging for traditional hip-hop fans. Sometimes it seems that when Herren uncovers a stunning loop he then quickly gets bored of it and veers off in an unprecedented new direction.

The quality of the man's work is unquestionable, and he is seriously prolific to boot. His first album had more ideas in one song than most hip-hop producers manage in an entire record and last year's 'One Word Extinguisher' was a worthy follow-up in the same vein, featuring nice guest spots from Tommy Guerrero and Mr Lif. Herren's twitchy torrent of musical motifs is so voluminous that after the release of 'One Word Extinguisher' he sent a tape of outtakes to his record label requesting a release. They weren't stupid enough to turn him down.

'Extinguished' races through 23 tracks in its brief 38 minute running time, many of them so slight and quick that are really just single concept work-outs, audio doodles in the margins of the album proper. But there are heavyweight pieces on 'Extinguished' too. Herren's customary melange of glitchy electronica, hip-hop beats and loungy instrumentation remains the recipe and it's as beautifully stimulating as ever. 'Robot Snares Got No Cadence or Balance' is so lush and tuneful that it makes the atonal avant-garde screeching of some of Herren's Warp labelmates seem vaguely adolescent.

Being modern and interesting, while also being beautiful and accessible is a tall order. This superb record manages it with ease.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Suite For The Ways Thing Change. a. Your Family b. Your Life c. The Most Beautiful Things d. Your Seeds - Tel Aviv's Gravel Toothbrush - Pase Rock's Preestyle - I Got No Time for Rearviews - Dubs That Don't Match - Between Man and Woman - Martinique Was My Girl - Culturaluhorgasm - Whisper in My Ear to Tell Me You Hate Me - One for the Crime Scene, A Bullet for Your Time - Vikings Invade the Mediterranean But Don't Leave - Diarrhea Takes Over Your Life - I Can't Get My Eyes Off - For Some But Not for Me - Sao Paulo Arkansas - Coming into Something Better - Humor Judgements - Wronge Posture - 3 Sounds from 94 - Robot Snares Got No Cadence or Balance - Kev Intro 99 - Drum Machine, Cello, Headwrap - If They Died and They Were Yours