Virgin - 2003 - 61 minutes

Iggy's last record was so jaded it left some convinced they should send him a bus pass application. 'Beat 'Em Up' was the type of album that made third division metal bands feel very good about themselves and even carried the advance warning of a track called 'It's All S**t'.

Anyone who's got that letdown out of their ears and comes back here, however, is in for some fun. Reunited with Stooges bandmates Ron and Scott Asheton and with his own outfit, Green Day, Sum 41 and Peaches also egging him on, Iggy makes you feel very guilty for ever doubting.

While 'Skull Ring' sounds like it was recorded on an OAP's shopping budget, the songs are just a better class of no-nonsense and in his four collaborations with the Ashetons say that more can't come too soon. Those whose idea of variety is swapping around the running order on 'Funhouse' might scoff that he's sharing electricity with Sum 41 and Green Day, but no-one's letting him down here.

Makes you wonder just what he'd accomplish with Turbonegro and Rocket From the Crypt behind him.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Little Electric Chair - Perverts in the Sun - Skull Ring - Superbabe - Loser - Private Hell - Little Know it All - Whatever - Dead Rock Star - Rock Show - Here Comes the Summer - Motor Inn - Inferiority Complex - Supermaker - Til Wrong Feels Right - Blood on Your Cool