Flip/Interscope - 2003 - 73 minutes

The one thing Fred Durst has never been accused of, until now, is doing things by half. Lengthy postings on the Internet, acres of copy for gossip columnists, crossing paths with Britney Spears - then having the last laugh with his use of the word 'agreeance' - a search for a new guitarist that was so epic it deserved to be on the Discovery channel and this: a comeback record that runs for 73 minutes.

From its lead-up to the lyrics, Fred could've called this album 'It's Not Easy Being Me', instead he went for 'Results May Vary' - another title that says everything you need to know. When Limp Bizkit are on form there's an endearing not-old-enough-to-shave-yet angst that makes the likes of 'Eat You Alive' and 'Almost Over' far more entertaining than most of Metallica's latest. But only half this album is worth listening to - the rest sounds like the dull work of the imitators who sprung up in Limp Bizkit's wake.

Offsetting the moodiness of 'Underneath the Gun' and 'Down Another Day' is a collaboration with Snoop Dogg which doesn't even deserve B-side status and too many tracks where it sounds like Fred has pulled the leather couch into the studio but the rest of the gang forgot to bring compelling tunes. He drags and drops references to Kurt Cobain, the Misfits, Zoolander, The Godfather and, most crassly of all Columbine, and then throws out lyrics like "heartbreak is a headache, like a toothache or an earthquake" - forgivable if there's something worth throwing yourself around to, guffaw factor 5 if there isn't.

It ends with a diatribe against former guitarist Wes Borland that is so painful Fred couldn't print the lyrics. If you're still with him at that stage and understand that he was down because Wes, eh, wasn't down, than your patience stretches far beyond that normally required from a Fred-fan relationship. Any metal band worth their guff should make people feel angry - but it shouldn't be because they've taken up too much of your time.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Re-Entry - Eat You Alive - Gimme the Mic - Underneath the Gun - Down Another Day - Almost Over - Build a Bridge - Red Light-Green Light - The Only One - Let Me Down - Lonely Word - Phenomenon - Creamer (Radio is Dead) - Head for the Barricade - Behind Blue Eyes - Drown - Let it Go