Virgin - 2003 - 63 minutes

There are some bands that take themselves so seriously it's funny. The folder with photos of Black Rebel Motorcycle smiling is, you suspect, a thin one but the one with self-important quotes will eventually end up needing its own warehouse.

All very well if you've got the chops to back them up but after their credible - if over-praised - debut, 'Take Them On...' is a slog with their ideas on rock remaining more drone and less their own.

After the opening duo of 'Stop' and 'Six Barrel Shotgun', finding the memorable is a challenge and, curiously, the best track is stripped of effects pedals and played on acoustic guitars. On 'I'm Aching', they turn up the poignancy that just shows how average the rest of the record is.

It also says that their revolution needs a rethink because put them up against Turbonegro - a band who wear make-up, have a guitarist called Euroboy and pretend they're gay - and see who the real saviours are. Filter out the plaudits and what you're left with is a band with a long way to go to live up to the hype they've generated.

Maybe after making a great album they'll look back on the hubris of their early press and laugh - or at least smile.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Stop - Six Barrel Shotgun - We're All in Love - In Like the Rose - Ha Ha High Babe - Generation - Shade of Blue - US Government - And I'm Aching - Suddenly - Rise or Fall - Going Under - Heart + Soul