Hellcat - 2003 - 59 minutes

With the disintegration of frontman Tim Armstrong's marriage and the slings and arrows now bound to come their way from a distribution deal with a major label, it's no surprise that Rancid should come back so defiant.

That they should sound so life-affirming, however, is. After the snarling charge of their self-titled album from 2000, 'Indestructible' turns 360º to glorious melodies and singalong hope. Really, Rancid ceased long ago to be just a punk band and there are grooves here to delight mohawks, mods, rockers, ska and roots fans - and anyone who loves a band who play it like they mean it.

This is one record that kids should play for heard-it-all-the-first-time Dads to show they're never too old - or young - to learn. Its title may be a tribute to the human spirit but the longer you listen, you'll come to another conclusion: no other raise hell outfit, this year, will get close to what Rancid have achieved here.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Indestructible - Fall Back Down - Red Hot Moon – David Courtney - Start Now - Out of Control - Django - Arrested in Shanghai - Travis Bickle - Memphis - Spirit of '87 - Ghost Band - Tropical London - Roadblock - Born Frustrated - Back Up Against the Wall - Ivory Coast – Stand Your Ground - Otherside