Memphis Industries - 2003 - 36 minutes

This 'Project has just got a whole lot bigger - on a couple of fronts. Moving on from the studio gymnastics of his acclaimed 2000 debut, mainman Dan Berridge has been joined by vocalist Richard Palmer and together they'vecome up with a collection powered as much by edgy intrigue as night-time tenderness.

With its beats all wide screen, 'The Vessel' sounds like one of those 60's treasures unearthed for a wider audience to discover. Such is the fragility of Palmer's voice that, before looking at the credits, you'll be convinced it's a woman singing and his performance, along with plenty more guitars, gives the record a much more live feel than its predecessor.

This is an album you have to ease yourself into (daylight doesn't help) but doubtless its creators wouldn't want it any other way and the rewards for sticking with them are immense. Few can summon such compelling atmospherics and remain a secret for much longer.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Beauty - I Believe in Superman - Coming Back - Beaten Dog - Darkling - Sufi - Unborn - Angel Heart - For the One - Manifesto