Offworld Sounds - 2003 - 60 minutes

Poor ol' Shaun Ryder. Still making music when, from this album, it's obvious he should have stopped when the Happy Mondays were still good.

Still, it's a remarkable feat that he managed to actually get it together to record a record - but the music is unthinkably awful. Lots of dodgy synth sounds and dated drum sequences represent the tacky clothes-horse that Ryder hangs his formless rants on. He makes William Burroughs sound like James Joyce. The 'lyrics' are akin to Sean propped up at a bar talking to no one in particular about "gram wraps of Charlie" and people "caning" lots of drugs. At one point, he even starts rehashing (no pun intended) '24-hour Party People'. Whatever, Shaun.

'Long Legs (parts 1,2,3)', like many of the tracks on here, is the backdrop to a bad 80s nightclub experience that he swears his way through. Think 'Phoenix Nights' but with lots of drugs. Once upon a time we tolerated the loveable, skagged-out scamp that Ryder was. Now it's just a bit sad.

The last track is called 'In 1987', perhaps a vague reference to where it all started or went wrong for him - depending on your point of view. If you want to listen to 60 minutes of drug-fuelled rambling than this is the album for you.

Sinéad Gleeson

Tracklisting: The Story - Long Legs (parts 1,2,3) - Scooter Girl - Clowns - Murder - Northern Soul Brother (shapeshifter) - Monster - In 1987