Independiente - 2003 - 55 minutes

On the intro to her debut, it sounds as if Tricky's former partner-in-greatness, the bewitching presence on his groundbreaking 'Maxinquaye', has aged 40 years since 1995.

By the next track, however, it's like it was yesterday and you could be falling over and over again for that voice. But such familiarity is what will draw many in and push others away.

That she has returned is something to be very happy about but when Tricky pops up it just further strengthens the idea that this record is shackled to the past. You'd love to think that in two years' time, Topley-Bird will make an album that will re-write the rulebook once again. And that if there's not a cover of 'I Get Along Without You Very Well' on it, you'll be more than happy to hum it for her.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Intro - Need One - Anything - Soul Food - Lullaby - Too Tough To Die - Sandpaper Kisses - Ragga Feat. Tricky - Lying - I Still Feel - Llya - I Wanna Be There - Day's Of A Gun