V2 - 2003 - 53 minutes

It seems so right that Grandaddy should hail from a Californian city called Modesto. Here is a band who go about their business quietly but really deserve greater attention and who sell a good many records but should sell a whole lot more. And 'Sumday' continues their tradition of fine albums stretching all the way back to their European debut 'Under the Great Western Freeway'.

Catching singer Jason Lytle in the middle of a mid-life stocktake, 'Sumday' wonders about people's place in the world and the hearts of others. It's singalong even when it's sad and contains its share of 'Daddy classics. Their love and respect for a good harmony here sees the quintet venturing into the land of West Coast AM radio and turning the broken relationships of 'Saddest Vacant Lot in the World' and 'The Warming Sun' into beautiful moments that are too good for one. You'll also be eager to share the rest because rarely is something so downbeat such a joy to listen to.

There's also a town in Californian called Famoso, after listening to this, you'd love to think Grandaddy will have something in common with it - Sumday.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Now It's On - I'm on Standby - The Go in the Go-For-It - The Group Who Couldn't Say - Lost on Yer Merry Way - El Caminos in the West - Yeah is What We Had - Saddest Vacant Lot in the World - Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake - OK with My Decay - The Warming Sun - The Final Push to the Sum