Transcopic Records - 2003 - 52 minutes

You could often be forgiven for thinking that Australian rock begins with AC/DC and ends with the Vines, but You Am I have been living it up Down Under for over a decade. The biggest question raised by this album is why the hell have they been hiding there until now?

'No, After You Sir' is a collection of songs from the thirteen years You Am I have been on the road, and in contrast to the squealing rock of their Antipodean counterparts the Vines and the Datsuns, You Am I have a much more deft touch.

'Radio-friendly' is often used as a synonym for bland, but much of You Am I's perfectly judged three-minutes slices of pop-rock really are perfect for radio. From the chirpy celebration of childhood fun in 'The Applecross Wing Commander' to the heartbreaking post-break-up angst of 'Heavy Heart', this collection runs the gamut of ages and emotions.

Around a third of the tracks on this compilation have been produced by Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo, and tracks like 'Billy' and the live version of 'Berlin Chair' show You Am I are not afraid of out-and-out rock. But they're no threat to AC/DC, as it's the heartfelt, touching and witty lyrics that you'll take away from this collection.

While 'No, After You Sir' is described as a taster of their previous albums, rather than a strict 'best of' or a collection of singles, this still allows for an exceptionally good tracklisting. The only caveat here is the sneaking suspicion that this gives a better impression of the band than a single album might.

But that's mostly irrelevant; this collection has it all. Down Under has long since been won over, and with one listen to this, you will be too.

Gearóid Reidy

Tracklisting: Junk - Minor Byrd - Good Mornin' - The Applecross Wing Commander - Hourly Daily - Mr. Milk - Cathy's Clown - Handwasher - Soldiers - Wally Raffles - Fifteen - Heavy Heart - Billy - Berlin Chair (live) - Get Up - Ain't Gone and Open - Cool Hand Luke