Virgin – 2003 – 46 minutes

Irish they may be but newest big thing The Thrills are focused on sixties-style sunshine-soaked pop which sounds as if it comes direct from the West Coast of the US of A.

Intent on namechecking American locations - Big Sur, Santa Cruz, San Diego, Las Vegas - the Dublin quintet are leaving their roots - and the Irish weather - far behind. 'So Much For The City' captures the sound of the summer, crossing the classic Californian pop of the Beach Boys (even down to the album cover homage) with Neil Young's wistful voice.

They're not the only ones referenced by The Thrills who also touch on Gram Parsons ('Say It Ain't So' could sit comfortably alongside his 'Ooh Las Vegas') and The Byrds as well as robbing a line from the Monkees' '(Theme from) the Monkees'.

Proving that they can walk the walk as good as they talk the talk, 'So Much For the City' is an assured debut - and the theme music to the lazy, hazy days of '03.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: Santa Cruz (You're Not That Far) - Big Sur - Don't Steal Our Sun - Deckchairs And Cigarettes - One Horse Town - Old Friends, New Lovers - Say It Ain't So - Hollywood Kids - Just Travelling Through - Your Love IsLike Las Vegas - 'Til The Tide Creeps In/Plans