Beggars Banquet - 2003 - 45 minutes

There has never been a bad Tindersticks album. Whether there has been one that you haven't heard already is an argument that could drag long into the small hours. 'Waiting for the Moon' again visits familiar haunts: strings, bass driven weariness, distance and longing... But as the years mount for both band and listener, Stuart Staples' voice becomes ever more poignant and here wraps you up in two of the most touching moments in Tindersticks' history.

Their work with singer Lhasa de Sala on 'Sometimes it Hurts' burns brighter than the classic duets of the past - so good, in fact, that it will convince many that they should ask her to join to the band before it has even finished. And that song's sense of making do with what's done finds a best friend on 'Just a Dog' with Staples' acceptance of the rough life funnier by the listen and the perfect soundtrack if Steptoe & Son were still trading out of Oil Drum Lane.

These may be the standout tracks on 'Waiting for the Moon' but even though it's summer, with the shadows of 'My Oblivion' and 'Running Wild' also waiting to be explored, the nights can't close in quick enough.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Until the Morning Comes - Say Goodbye to the City - Sweet Memory - 4:48 Psychosis - Waiting for the Moon - Trying to Find a Home - Sometimes it Hurts - My Oblivion - Just a Dog - Running Wild